On-Demand Webinar:
Manufacturing Analytics in the Age of IoT

Presented By:
Mike Alperin, Data Scientist, Manufacturing Industry Consultant, TIBCO Software, Inc. 


Manufacturers face increasing challenges as product lifecycles shorten, demand and supply volatility increases, factory automation progresses, and consumers expect higher product quality and reliability.  The increasing availability of many types of manufacturing data, including streaming sensor data from both factory equipment and products in service, provides fresh opportunities to meet these challenges.

Today’s powerful analytics technology leverages this data explosion to make data discovery, predictive modeling, machine learning, automated alerting, and decision-making more accessible to more business users.  In this webinar, we will provide an overview of how our customers are using current analytics technology to solve critical problems in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing Operations—Maintenance, optimal resource utilization, monitoring factory productivity and operations
  • Product Quality—Process control, root cause analysis, reliability and warranty
  • Supply Chain—Demand forecasting, transportation routing and logistics optimization
  • Customer Analytics—Market segmentation, propensity to buy, campaign design