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On-Demand Webinar:
Turning Your Analysis Into Action

Presented By:

Michael Krause, Senior Data Expert, TIBCO Software

About This Webinar:

Buried deep in your data, if you know where to look, is potentially transformative information that could help you and your company make smarter decisions and develop better products, faster; create amazing customer experiences; or invent completely new services.

Within just less than an hour we can show you how to turn your data into insights by rapidly building systems that analyze and act on real-time streaming data for instantaneous decision-making.

Join Michael Krause, Senior Data Expert at TIBCO, who will show you how to easily combine data at-rest with data in-motion, generate real-time insights, and augment your intelligence about your customers’ behavior or your own business’ operations.

In this webinar, Michael will present:

  • Introduction to predictive and streaming analytics
  • A live demo of an event-driven monitoring and fraud detection application
  • Streaming analytics use cases from real-life examples spanning several industries.

Register now to take the speculation and intuition out of decision-making and become a smarter business!

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