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Partner Webinar Series: Palantir Solutions and TIBCO
Analysing Global Fiscal Regimes, Corporate Portfolio, and Global Productions Costs

Presented By:

Henry Hawkins, Expert Petroleum Engineer & Economist, Palantir
Steve Piper, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software, Inc.

About These Webinars:

Palantir Solutions, global leader in oil and gas fiscal regime design, development, and interpretations was founded in 2003. Its ability to dynamically categorize and visually compare attributes of multiple fiscal regimes was a major step forward in identifying country and block entry strategies. The partnership between Palantir and TIBCO Spotfire® identified negotiation strategies that added hundreds of millions of dollars of value to Palantir Solutions' client portfolio of assets.

Join Henry Hawkins, Palantir's expert petroleum engineer / economist and Steve Piper, senior solutions consultant at TIBCO in this series of 45 minute webinars that will take you through:

Analysis of Global Fiscal Regimes
Henry Hawkins and Steve Piper will showcase the Palantir PlanningSpace platform's ability to prepare a dataset based on standard analogue oil and gas fields of various sizes.

Analysis of a Corporate Portfolio
The second webinar in the series focuses on the Palantir PlanningSpace use of a dataset based on a theoretical mid-cap oil and gas company with existing production, development, and exploration opportunities in seven countries. A variety of possible portfolios will be generated and visualised in Spotfire where they can be compared and contrasted.

Analysis of Global Production and Costs
In the final webinar of the series, the Palantir PlanningSpace platform uses a dataset of existing oil and gas fields around the world. The data will be run with fiscal calculations appropriate to each country using the Palantir Regime Library (PRL) and visualised in Spotfire where we can use the powerful mapping capability to draw insights and conclusions about potential opportunities and focus areas for investment.